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Proof-reading and correcting a text are vital to ensuring that its appearance to the reader is good.

To illustrate this, imagine a TV reporter with a stain on his tie: he may have important news to impart; he may have carefully researched his report; his way of speaking may be lively and engaging, but none of the viewers will be listening – they will all be looking at the stain on his tie.

Similarly, no matter how beautifully written a marketing text is, or how meticulously accurate a translation may be, if it contains even minor errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation or typesetting, these can seriously detract from the overall impression. A carefully proof-read text, on the other hand, allows readers to concentrate on what is being said, because they see the message, not the stain.

To ensure that the texts you receive are error-free, we have stringent quality-assurance procedures.



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