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Quality assurance

We have the best linguists in the industry – translators, copywriters and authors – but even these make the occasional mistake. Even so, we dare to promise error-free texts, and not just when it comes to obvious things like spelling and punctuation. We also promise that the text will flow well, that the translator has understood all linguistic nuances, and that the final product will be free of anything culturally sensitive or open to misunderstanding.

To achieve this, we go over the text repeatedly, giving special attention to style, sentence structure and choice of words. Our aim is always to deliver a finished document that is so well written in the target language that readers feel it was written just for them. The best people to do this are professionals for whom good writing is a passion.

Our customers demand accuracy and consistency. Because of this, we prepare customer-specific glossaries which help us use the customer’s terminology and preferred style consistently.


Having offices in multiple countries gives higher quality

With our own employees in all the Nordic countries, we translate texts to all Nordic languages rapidly and in a consistent manner.

Each text is checked by a member of staff at the Samtext office carrying out the translation (for whom the target language is his or her mother tongue), and also by the project manager at the other Samtext office who is dealing directly with the customer (and for whom the source language is his or her mother tongue).

The example below shows a translation from Norwegian to Danish, Finnish and Swedish, and highlights the difference between the traditional way of working in the industry and how we work in Samtext. The result of this approach is higher quality.


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