Samtext delivers high-quality subtitles in many different languages. We have translators who know the original languages so well as to not misunderstand what has been said (something that is not always the case). They are also experts at shortening down the text to the right reading times while preserving the meaning.

There can be a big difference in quality when it comes to the timing of subtitles. You may have experienced the effects of bad subtitling for yourself: the text may disappear before you can read it, linger on the screen for too long, or even be out of sync with the action. Good subtitling is “invisible” – the viewer’s attention should be focused on the film, not drawn to how it has been subtitled, and our project team has the technical equipment and expertise to provide just that. As with every other type of translation work that Samtext does, subtitling projects are always proofread by a second translator.

There are many types of subtitling software, and numerous file formats. Samtext’s technical platform is called Sub Machine, which can convert film and text between all of these formats and platforms. Just tell us what you have and what you want back from us. We can also deliver the film with the subtitles already added.

Subtitles from Samtext

Samtext’s main software for subtitling, Sub Machine from TitleVision.

When it comes to audiovisual text, “seeing is believing” takes on a literal meaning. Here are some examples of audiovisual text projects we have carried out:

Subtitles for private and public companies

Western Norway University of Applied Sciences | Healthy canteens in Rogaland; a pilot project

Other clients: University of Stavanger, Kongsberg Maritime, DnB, Møllergruppen, Statkraft, Bama, Aker Solutions, Arcus, EDB ErgoGroup, Dressmann, UDI, Enova, Orkla, Choice, Posten, Bring, Vinmonopolet, Kværner, Hafslund, Grundfos, Norwegian People’s Aid, Jotun, Trustpilot.

Subtitles for films

Utøya: July 22nd | Norwegian, English and German
The Monkey and the Mouth | Norwegian and English
Thale | Danish
In Order of Disappearance | German and English
The Last King | English

Get in touch with our project manager, Kristian, if you need professional help with subtitling!

“Avoid subtitles with spelling errors, misunderstood cultural references and text lines with strange exposure times!”
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