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In English, we might say that “it’s raining cats and dogs” or even “stair rods”, but other languages and cultures would put it differently. In Spanish, it rains jugs; in Czech, it rains wheelbarrows; whereas the Danes say that it rains shoemakers’ apprentices. This illustrates an important point: translating literally is both dangerous and wrong. When translating a text, we translate the meaning, not the words

However, when we transcreate a text, we free ourselves even more from the constraints of the original. This process is also called copy-adaptation.

When transcreation must be done

If an English advertisement is to be made into an equally successful version in Norwegian, German or Urdu, we must carefully consider such things as cultural differences, historical references, politics, legal implications and manners in the country or culture where the text is to be used.

The message of the original text needs to come across in the target language, whatever it takes to get there.


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