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Customer statements

VAR Healthcare

Samtext take healthcare-related translations seriously. They do their utmost to ensure the quality of the translation, also from the perspective of a healthcare professional. To us, it was important that the healthcare-related terminology was correct, and Samtext has really contributed to this. They work efficiently and stay in contact during the process in order to ensure good progress and results.

VAR Healthcare, Cappelen Damm

National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design

Samtext has delivered quality translations and precise editing of a series of texts in different formats for our exhibition project. The deliveries have never arrived too late, and most of the time long before the agreed-upon deadline. They have provided us with our own project manager. It’s easy for us to communicate with only one person; moreover, she is always available, experienced, quick, friendly and service-minded.

Ida Strøm-Larsen, Project Manager

GEZE Scandinavia AB

It’s nice to work with a company that not only translates but also thinks. It gives a good feeling to know that when you send in a text for translation, the translator not just translates one on one, but translates it with the right tone of voice. Good quality, fair price and very good contact with always the same nice project manager makes Samtext the company I like to work with. Would I recommend Samtext for your translation jobs? Big yes!

Petra de Laet, Marketing Coordinator

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