Technical documentation

Technical documentation must be written in a way that makes it maximally understandable to the reader. A technical writer can do this for you.

A training course for driving with a trailer? A user manual for a new car model? Instructions for a dishwasher, product texts for a parts catalogue, knitting patterns for the most intricate designs, safety instructions for flammable substances?

Technical documentation in English (and other languages)

Samtext’s head office in Oslo has its own technical writers, but Samtext’s offices in other countries also contribute to a network of technical writers. English, Swedish, Finnish or Danish: we can handle your multilingual needs.

Precise but not boring

In technical documentation, such as product data sheets and patent applications, precision is the be-all and end-all. Being a perfectionist is undoubtedly an advantage for a technical writer. It also helps to be a language enthusiast who understands the technical terms and jargon of a specific industry.

In other forms of technical documentation, such as learning materials, the author’s ability to write educationally is paramount. (Some technical writers have the ability to use both halves of their brains and produce a textbook that is both technically precise and interesting.)

We also compile a glossary of your company’s preferred terminology and linguistic guidelines so that all texts share the same style.

Have a chat with our Creative Director, Line, who will be happy to help you!

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