Need a text for a specific industry?

Our translators don’t give up until they understand everything in the source text they are working with. This doesn’t just apply to each individual word and technical term – our translators immerse themselves so thoroughly in the industry to which the text relates that they often find factual errors in the source text.

The starting point for any translation or transcreation for a particular industry and target audience is insight into said industry and target audience. This insight is gained in the same way that most people gain it – through education and professional experience. But very few translators have a background as an industrial robot programmer, dentist, oil engineer, CFO or insurance lawyer. The vast majority are relatively highly educated academics with a language qualification or two. Therefore, how can we promise that your translation will have the correct industry terminology?

The answer is research.

A safety instruction booklet for a ventilation system is quite different to an annual report, which again radically differs from a restaurant’s website.

How do we work?

You will be assigned a project manager who will be your contact person throughout the process.

We start by asking the following questions: How will this text be used, and what is its objective? Who, specifically, is the target audience? If this is not obvious or has not already been communicated by you, we will ask you about it. If you give us any background information you have available, we will work on that basis.

If you have a PDF that has been generated from a file created in some other software, it is often beneficial to obtain the original file. That way we can provide you with a translation in the same format and with the same layout as the original, saving you a lot of time in DTP work and so on.

We would greatly appreciate any reference material you can provide, be it additional text, illustrations, glossaries or databases. All the texts you receive from us have been translated by a native-language translator and always undergo thorough proofreading and quality assurance before delivery. This is always done by someone other than the translator, brought in to ensure a flawless result and an extremely satisfied client.

We recommend that you tell us of any preferred changes to text or terminology. We can then add these changes to our database, so you won’t have to make the same changes in future translations you receive from us.

The menu contains a small selection of all the industries we can “speak”.

“You can find a selection of the industries we ‘speak’ in the menu.”
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