Does your company need written content that you just don’t have the time to produce? Or is it not time, but words, specifically the right words, that you’re short of? We have the copywriters for you.

Do you need to market your company’s products or services but don’t have a copywriter? Then you are already well aware that you’re part of a competition for the reader’s attention and competition is tough. That’s why you need:

  • texts that actually sell
  • blog posts that are actually read
  • to rank highly in Google search results
  • engaging texts on your company’s website
  • extremely interesting content

Why you need a professional copywriter

Bad texts are often looked down on and can cause readers to view your brand and company negatively. On the other hand, engaging texts are remembered and have an effect on the reader. Our copywriters can create texts that are admired, and use their skills to provide you with the best results. Whether you want to sell, defend, inform, entertain or rank higher on Google, we are ready to help you!

Quality is King

The Internet never sleeps, and it is a common belief that it is mainly quantity that makes you visible online. But quality is still King, for two reasons. The first is that the text must be good, unique and search-engine-optimised in order to rank highly in Google search results. The second is that the text must contribute to conversion, i.e. it must cause a reaction, and for that it has to be really appealing to the reader. And of course this does not only apply to advertisements, but to every text you publish. Our copywriters discuss, critique, quality-assure and proofread everything they write, so that they can supply a text “to rule them all”.

Collaboration is Queen

Writing a good text is a craft that requires both experience and talent, and it can also be extremely time-consuming if you try to do it yourself. Therefore, it may be more productive to use a copywriter who does this job every day and who collaborates with others. A shining, flawless text is a collaborative project – in addition to the copywriters acting as sounding boards for each other, we also implement extremely thorough quality-assurance procedures.

Contact us

Reach out to Trond, our CEO, for a pleasant and non-binding conversation about your copywriting needs.


An important P.S.

All good copywriters have a solid education. And, of course, they are extremely skilled in expressing themselves through writing. But a fantastic copywriter also has other skills under their belt: humour, creative madness, cultural radar, social antennae, intelligence – everything that can be summed up in the concept “talent”. And, most important of all, an exceptional ability to express that in text. It is only then that the page comes to life and the reader leans forwards in their chair!

“Copywriters who deliver the very best texts.”
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