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Are you promoting your film abroad? Do you have a foreign film script that you need translated? Or does the script need polishing or proofreading? Leave it with us!

Samtext follows the principle that each translator or writer must have insight and experience in the field of the text they work with. What could be better than to have your script stylistically edited, proofread or translated by someone with an acting background? This skillset can be found at Samtext.

Whether translating (transcreating) or editing scripts, the translator must be able to read between the lines and understand the thought process behind them to bring them to life.

A film script cannot simply be translated word-for-word

The translator must have a good dramaturgic understanding and be true to the tone and characters of the original text. The script must also be adjusted for local references and actors in order to be believable to the new audience.

Your script will be in good hands with us and we will treat it with the respect and enthusiasm it deserves. Samtext has transcreated and stylistically edited dozens of scripts over the years, so we know just how important it is to get it right.

Get in contact with our project manager for audiovisual texts, Trine Lossius Borg. With her professional background as an actor, voice-over artist and narrator, you are guaranteed a well-written film script.

“Don’t leave your film script to just anyone.”
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