Translation for the automotive industry

We’ve spent the last 22 years translating all the various types of text that the automotive industry can produce, from advertisements, brochures and Direct Marketing material to owner’s manuals, technical manuals and training materials.

Some of the car brands that Samtext has worked with include Chevrolet, Ford, Nissan, Opel, Rover, Scania, Toyota and Volvo. If we include work carried out for us by the freelance translators in our network, we have translated millions of words for major motor manufacturers all over the world.

Samtext has been translating large volumes of text for the automotive industry since way back in 1997. There is probably nothing that we haven’t turned our hand to, whether it’s training manuals for salespeople, powertrain configuration software for trucks, manuals for drivers, or workshop manuals for the maintenance, repair and replacement of everything from the radiator grille to the exhaust pipe.

Marketing texts within the automotive industry

A car brand and a car model each have their own defined target audience. Marketing texts are formulated by our transcreation team to catch the eye of that target audience. Furthermore, an advert aimed at someone who has never bought a car from a particular car brand before will not necessarily be the same as one aimed at someone who has previously purchased cars from that manufacturer.

Technical texts for the automotive industry

Not all car manufacturers prefer the same translation of the technical terms and expressions used in the industry. Samtext works with each client to compile their own terminology list, which the client can also access. Internally, we use the glossaries to ensure consistent language and the client’s preferred style and specific terminology. Glossaries are also a vital tool when the assignments are so substantial that they need to be translated by multiple translators working in parallel.

The use of CAT (Computer-Assisted Translation) tools is obligatory for technical automative texts. The volume of such texts is high, and the reuse of earlier translations is so extensive that it would be impossible otherwise, for reasons of both time and cost. Our preferred tool is Déjà Vu, which you can read about here.

Want to know more? Speak to Trond about one of Samtext’s priority fields: translation for the automotive industry.

Autuomotive translation in Samtext

“Everything from the radiator grille at the front to the exhaust pipe at the back, literally.”
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