Audiovisual text

Nowadays, film crosses more national and cultural boundaries than ever before. In spite of this, the significance of high-quality audiovisual texts is often overlooked. At Samtext, we treat them with the attention and respect that they deserve.

For many, subtitles tend to only get noticed due to a spelling mistake, a complete mistranslation, or a title disappearing from the screen before they have had the chance to read the first couple of words.

When a film script is to be translated into another language and directed at a new audience, cultural understanding is of paramount importance. It depends entirely on the translator’s insight.

100% perfect audiovisual text

At Samtext, we have experienced subtitlers and native translators to ensure that your audiovisual text is as flawless and immersive as the film it is to accompany.

Read more about how we work with subtitles and film scripts. If you need help with your audiovisual text, talk with our specialist subtitler, Kristian Wauger Johansen.

“Cultural understanding is of paramount importance.”
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