Financial translation

Samtext translates and copy-edits financial texts, such as annual reports, annual financial statements, shareholder reports, quarterly reports, analyses and prospectuses. Many of these are projects that we perform for the same clients every year.

The February–April period is peak season for financial translations for many Norwegian companies, as their annual reports need to be published in English. However, many other financial texts are produced throughout the rest of the year too: not just quarterly reports, but analyses and prospectuses as well.

In the last couple of years – and only counting translations from Norwegian to English – we have translated annual reports and other financial texts for dozens of companies, including these:

  • Statnett
  • Hafslund
  • Infratek
  • Multiconsult
  • Investinor
  • Orica
  • Nordic Trustee
  • Aberdeen Property
  • Bama
  • Scancem
  • GIEK
  • KPMG
  • Santander

Financial translation and quality

We have some of the industry’s sharpest British financial translators. Our senior translator at Samtext UK is an authorised accountant who previously worked at Ernst & Young for several years. He is  also a specialist in IFRSs. Having a translator who actually understands the subject of the source text is important, and that is certainly the case with financial texts.

The above is of course completely understating it – understanding the subject is not important, it is vital. There is zero tolerance for errors in financial texts: an incorrect date or the wrong number of zeros could be disastrous. Therefore, we always do a “native source proofing” for financial translations, where a person who is a native speaker of the source language reviews the text. This is in addition to the proofreading that is performed by a translator who is also a native speaker of the target language.

You should be able to trust the texts that a translation agency returns to you. You should not need to engage a British corporate finance specialist to verify that everything has been correctly translated. Or to put it another way: if you ask an expert to verify a translation you have received from an agency, she or he should not be able to find any mistakes in it.

The marketing effect

Many annual reports also include an introductory, narrative section. In reality, this is a marketing text that represents the company. If it is written well, it will be read. If it is written brilliantly, it will also be remembered. That is why the British translators we use for this also have copywriting expertise. Samtext will provide you with an English translation that is at least as good as the source text, if not better.

Not completely satisfied with the language and accuracy of the texts you have had translated so far? Then we may be able to produce a better financial translation for you!

“Understanding the subject is not important, it is vital.”
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