Content marketing

Content marketing is not just a buzzword. It is a particularly effective tool to get people to look at your company with new eyes. Provide information, entertainment and good content without taking anything for it, and gain increased awareness and trust. Samtext can help you to get started!

The advantages content marketing can give you

Content marketing is, quite simply, giving away content that has value to the recipient – typically potential and existing customers.

The idea behind this form of marketing is to share self-created content that is made so well that it increases the company’s credibility. The content should support your brand and strengthen your position in the market. Do it properly and you can even achieve a position as a recognised authority in your field.

Search-engine-optimised blog posts, articles and reports that are published on the company’s own website are typical forms of written content marketing. The same type of content can also be published on external print and digital platforms that the target audience trusts. Offering courses and seminars can also be a part of the strategy. The common denominator is that you offer something that has value for the recipient. You share knowledge and gain recognition.

How your company can get started

Some companies already have a clear content marketing strategy but lack resources to implement it. Others don’t yet know how they should utilise this cost-effective tool. No matter where in the process you are, we can help you!

We have been a part of this game since its conception and the expression “content marketing” started to bubble up, and we produce content for a number of major companies. We always start by thoroughly familiarising ourselves with the company we will be writing for and the target audience we need to reach. Sometimes we receive a brief; at other times our copywriters suggest themes for articles. Regardless, the sparkling content we produce will bring recognition to your company.

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“You give away content that has value to the recipient. For free.”
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