What is a text agency?

A text agency is your supplier of written content – the striking headline, the introduction that drives the reader on, the enticing product description, the enthralling story.

Samtext Creative has expert copywriters, bloggers, social media writers and editors. So yes, we may have exactly the talent you need for your specific target audience and market.

A text agency has the expertise that graphic artists, illustrators and designers often do not have: writing. A picture may paint a thousand words, but a good text can create an endless variation of images in the reader’s head. Readers are their own illustrators.

Do you have the right visuals, but lack a good writer? Or have you got an extraordinary web designer, but no budget left to employ a professional author, not to mention mobilise an entire advertising agency? Then you need a text agency.

Text agency = good heads on many shoulders

The copywriter assigned to you will have experience writing within multiple genres: content marketing, advertisements, “About us” texts, brochure material and product catalogues – in addition to blogs, interviews, press releases, technical documentation and teaching material. You can read more about these various areas in the menu above. True, almost no one can do everything – and even those who can sometimes go on holiday. But we will absolutely have someone who will be able to meet your needs – you will always receive a brilliant writer for your project.

How to proceed

  1. We have a meeting with you – on phone, web or in person – where you describe the task.
  2. You receive a fixed quote. This is the price of the entire service – project management, meetings and quality assurance are included.
  3. Our copywriters get to work, in constant collaboration with an in-house copy editor.
  4. You receive the text for approval.
  5. We adjust the text as necessary, based on your feedback.
  6. The text is ready for publication!

You can use the orange chat-button to the right, call +47 22 80 52 15, write to or fill out this form:

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    “Readers are their own illustrators.”
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