Advertising texts: Pique the reader’s interest!

“The introduction is the most momentous point of a brochure. If the reader fails to find it interesting, your expensive brochure will be thrown without mercy into the waste-paper basket. Therefore, write your introduction from ‘the customer’s side of the counter’, and present your side of the case later on.”

Romilla, Trondheim, 1916


Customers interact with your company through a number of different channels – brochures, posters, adverts, direct mail, websites, social media – and most of these contain text.

The text you have digitally published determines how high up your website appears in Google search results, and thus how visible you are – visibility being the first step in closing a sale.

But there are a few steps between visibility and a sale. You need to look at what effect the text has on the reader, and not just focus on how the advertising text is to be written in order to get as high as possible in Google’s ranking.

An advertising text must trigger a reaction

What you need to sell your product is an advertising text that is so well written that it really sells. To quote Romilla: Advertising is the art of bringing people information, setting their thoughts in movement, getting them interested, getting them to think about buying, and getting them to decide and commit to a purchase on the spot.

As the expression goes, “The proof of the pudding is in the eating”. The effectiveness of an advertising text must be measured by the amount of sales it generates – not how interesting or funny the idea is, nor what others may think about it.

Don’t have an in-house copywriter who can create good advertising texts? Then we may have the person you need. We have many to choose from, and each of them has experience within multiple industries and product areas.

Decide on the spot. Contact us now, and we will suggest something that actually converts attention to interest, and interest to sales: a good advertising text.

“You need an advertising text that really sells!”
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