Legal translations

Legal translation demands precision. At Samtext, we have contract specialists and professional translators with legal expertise.


administrative law • bankruptcy law • child law • civil procedure • commercial law • competition law • compulsory purchase (eminent domain; expropriation) • contract law • corporate law • criminal law • debt settlement law • environmental law • family law • inheritance law • insurance law • intellectual property law • labour law • landlord–tenant law • liens • maritime law • marketing law • obligation law • petroleum law • privacy law • procedural law • property law • social security law • statutory rights • tax law • tort law • transport law

Expertise and delivery speed

Samtext translates legal documents, agreements and contracts between most languages. Where required, the documents are stamped by a state-authorised translator.

Precision is, of course, absolutely vital, but we understand that a rapid delivery is often as important – and sometimes critical.

Therefore, in addition to our skilled employees in Northern Europe, we can also call on skilled translators in other time zones who can translate all types of legal texts quickly and professionally, outside of our usual working hours.

Legal translations – for all languages

Our own highly qualified employees translate between the major world languages, but in today’s dynamic and globalised society, there is a growing need for translations of legal documents into and from minority languages. Naturally, we therefore offer these services, as well as an emergency service if your company has a special need for it.

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    “... legal documents, agreements and contracts between most languages.”
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