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With us, you receive your own professional content writer who can customise texts to your target audience, genre and channel. Be sure that the text really hits its target – ring +47 22 80 52 12 and speak with Guro, Samtext’s Creative Director.

  • Would you like a content writer to write and update your web pages so that they become more visible in Google search results?
  • Do you need a content writer who can write a brochure text that sells better?
  • Would your planned content marketing campaign benefit from an expert writer?
  • Do you need a new search-engine-optimised blog post?

A content writer must deliver the goods

Text is the driving force behind all of a company’s marketing channels. It is one of the most important outward representations of that company. At Samtext, we have content writers who can write to sell, breathe life into content marketing, and author blog posts, Facebook teasers and landing pages – and, not least, website texts – that really arouse interest. No matter what type of texts you are looking for, we have a content writer to help you.

What is even more important than you being satisfied with what you receive from us is that the readers are satisfied. The text needs to be so well written that it is actually read in its entirety. The text must hit its target. And the content you publish must provide a result you can see. Therefore, we do our research on the basis of what you provide us, to ensure that the target audience is very clearly defined. That is how really good texts are made – especially when you need many of them.

Quality or quantity?

“Both please, thanks!” One fantastic blog post can be remembered for a long time afterwards. It can be mentioned during the coffee break at work, or shared on Facebook. It can be cited in speeches and trigger an enormous discussion in the newspapers’ comments sections. As such, it is quality that is key. But in the light of how quickly the average reader forgets, and the enormous stream of news that most are exposed to, it is not enough to publish one brainwave every six months. Your company must remind people that you are there. What you publish is the company’s pulse, its heartbeat. You must ensure that it repeatedly hits its target. It is important to create high-quality content, and often enough.

As a text agency, we are here and ready for whatever you need. Your content writer at Samtext Creative produces the texts you need to reach both your readers and the search engines, and at the correct intervals.

“No matter what type of text you need, Samtext Creative has the right content writer for the job.”
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