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A translation into Danish should be equally as eloquent as if it were originally written by a brilliant Danish copywriter. After all, as the text will be published in your name, it is your reputation on the line!

The land of “hygge”

All our Danish translators have Danish as their mother tongue, and 99 per cent of them live in Denmark. This means that they can converse with local industry professionals, and that they keep up to date on Danish matters.

Four tips for ordering a (Danish) translation

1. Tell us what the text will be used for, if this is not obvious.

2. If you have any illustrations or reference materials, send those too. They make it much easier to properly understand the source text.

3. Provide a description of the target audience that is as precise as possible. This is particularly important for marketing texts. If a brochure on a new medicinal product will go out to doctors, our translators won’t use the same vocabulary as they would in a corresponding brochure for patients.

4. If your company has a glossary and linguistic guidelines for Danish (such as tone of voice) in the form of a document, please provide this as well.

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«… as if it were originally written by a brilliant Danish copywriter.»
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