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Text production

Rune Fossberg Copywriter

+47 482 66 796

Rune joined Samtext in January 2014 as a trainee, since when he has completed his Bachelor’s degree in Media and Communications at Oslo and Akershus University College.

He has a real passion for writing, language and communication. When not swotting up on capital cities, Rune spends his free time playing football and poring over Spanish dictionaries (although probably not at the same time).

Rune is also the man who puts the words in the mouth of Samtext’s very own superhero, Kaptein Schwung, fast gaining a reputation as the world’s most irritating (fictional) language nerd. “Be afraid,” whispers Rune. “Be very afraid.”

Magnus Berg Copywriter

+47 22 80 52 13

After a short-lived career as a violinist, Magnus decided to defy his parents by growing his hair long and swapping the violin for football and rock music. When that didn’t work out either, Magnus decided to pursue his passion for music with a completely different type of instrument: a pen.

Magnus’ writing prowess became apparent in secondary school, when he confounded the strictest teacher with a story about a little boy who could communicate with birds. He received a bachelor’s degree in Media Studies from the University of Oslo and has worked as a freelance copywriter, media monitor and music critic. He also still arranges the Risør music festival in the summer. He was well into his master’s degree in journalism before we put a stop to that and brought him on board as a copywriter at our Oslo office instead.

Aside from writing and music, Magnus’ other passions in life are cooking and Japanese dogs.

Arne Østring Editor and Translator

+47 415 11 414

Arne Østring has a BA in Nature and Environmental Conservation, Geography and Sociology. He has worked as a business secretary, course supervisor and teacher, and is also one of the most experienced performers in the Samtext circus. In the winter Arne likes nothing more than taking off on skis with a heavy pack on his back and heading off into the fells for as long as he is allowed. Following a previous career that involved a stint as a nude model, “Arnie” now appears to be quite content puzzling over such questions as how to translate “Dr Who” into Norwegian, and performing part-time reception duties.

And we are also very proud to have our own poet in the house.

Steinar Seland Copywriter and Translator

+47 22 80 52 00
+47 991 66 556

Steinar Seland joined Samtext in August 2001, since when he has gained extensive quality-assured experience of all manner of translations ranging from ultra-technical to creative advertising texts.

When not busying himself in the vagaries of obscure Norwegian punctuation rules – commas are very important in Norwegian! – Steinar is the dynamic band leader (referee, player coach, asset manager, cashier) of legendary Oslo ten-piece band Cuban Connection, a hardcore Caribbean ballroom combo, which regularly plays to sell-out crowds at the city’s top venues.

Alistair Gage Translator

Alistair (born 1965) graduated from the University of Cambridge, England with an MA (Hons) in Modern and Medieval Languages (Swedish/German) in 1988. He then trained with Ernst and Young, qualifying as a Chartered Accountant in 1992.

Several sets of management accounts later, in 2001 he decided to reclaim his soul (and halve his future salary expectations) by returning to university to train as a translator.

James Campbell Translator/Editor

+44 1747 826 484

Before joining Samtext in 2004, James spent 12 years working as a freelance computer programmer before deciding to put his love of languages to practical use and retraining as a translator. He now translates from Norwegian, Swedish and Danish into British English.

James divides his scarce free time between painting, writing, attempting to learn Finnish and Faroese, planning his next trip to arctic Norway or the castles of Alsace, and eating ice cream.

Charlotte Damgaard Copywriter/Translator

Following a number of years during which Charlotte worked with us as a freelance translator and copywriter, we hand-picked her to join Samtext. Charlotte’s extraordinary focus on quality and customer service is a perfect match for both us and our customers. Interestingly, although she is Danish, Charlotte’s mother tongue is English. She has lived in eight different countries, and has more than 15 years’ experience in marketing.

On the home front, Charlotte enjoys spending time with her two daughters. Glad to say, they share her love of sunshine, sea air and the great outdoors – after all, in life, as in all things, balance is vital.

Olga Hario Copywriter and Translator

+358 9 3478 5227

Olga was born on 12/12, one of those magic dates that can’t be misinterpreted, no matter which way you write the day and month. Maybe that’s the reason she can wave her writing wand so well – or should we say pencil? Or keyboard?

The first time we had the Olga experience was in 2014, when she was our summer temp. She singlehandedly and successfully took care of our customers during those hot weeks. Now, since February 2018 she has returned with a vengeance as our full-time and sharp-pencilled copywriter.

With a bachelor’s degree in translation of Swedish and English, as well as another in screenwriting for film and TV, it’s no wonder you sometimes get a really interesting answer when you’ve written her an e-mail.

Apart from being an outdoor enthusiast and avid book reader, Olga has also dazzled our colleagues in Samtext Norway with her take on the Finnish culinary institution salmon soup when visiting them. Do not hesitate to ask her for the recipe.

Pia Sabel Gulling Copywriter

+47 22 80 52 14
+47 994 74 713

With her pockets full of confidence and ambition, Pia went straight from college to the big media firms and badgered her way into various journalism jobs. She then progressed to the PR industry, where she was a Junior Account Executive at Geelmuyden Kiese and Gambit Hill+Knowlton, working with such brands as Adidas, Reebok and DNB. She has a Bachelor’s degree in PR and Communication Management and a Master’s in Media and Communication, and has also studied French at the Sorbonne and art at the Einar Granum School of Fine Art.

Before joining Samtext, Pia ran her own online cosmetics store, published books on entrepreneurism, edited an online magazine and worked as a freelance illustrator. Oh, and she’s also the mother of twins. Now that’s juggling.

Nikola Wegar Translator

For a translator, a varied background and extensive life experience are worth their weight in gold. All the knowledge and skills acquired outside the field of translation are invaluable – and Nikola is an excellent case in point. She grew up in Finland speaking both German and Swedish, surrounded by Finnish-speaking friends and neighbours. As an adult, Nikola moved to Japan and from there to Taiwan, Australia, Saudi Arabia and Spain. Fortunately for us, however, she eventually returned to Finland, and she is currently in the final stages of her translation studies at the University of Helsinki.

In addition to her top-notch language skills, Nikola has a degree in Pharmacy; after graduating, she gained experience translating medicine package leaflets for a pharmaceutical company. In addition, Nikola’s hobbies include choral singing. Did we mention the value of extensive life experience?


Elisabeth Samstad DTP Specialist and Proofreader

+47 934 02 709

Elisabeth has a bachelor’s degree in fine art from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. She’s particularly skilled with a pencil, and a classic Elisabeth drawing is around 2×1 metres in size and composed of one million single strokes. It is hardly surprising, therefore, that we have recently discovered that her attention to detail and sharp eye also extends to writing errors and convoluted language.

When she’s not increasing her popularity as a proofreader, Elisabeth is known at Samtext for her post-translation DTP expertise, and she can often be found sitting in front of her Mac, finalising InDesign files for translation or editing a brochure because the Russian takes up so much more space than the equivalent Norwegian text.

At Samtext, having more than one string to your bow is extremely beneficial, and Elisabeth has been embraced by all our resident language nerds: project managers and translators alike.

Project management

Trine Lossius Borg Project Manager for Audiovisual Texts

+47 22 80 52 00

Trine is a cheerful and productive lady and a natural multitasker. She has 20 years’ experience of subtitling and the translation of overdubbing and voice-over scripts, and can also boast an equally long career behind the microphone providing Norwegian voices for animated films and as a voice-over artist for advertisements and public information films. She is perhaps best known in Norway as the narrator of Thomas the Tank Engine (Lokomotivet Thomas) in Norwegian.

Trine has also worked in Copenhagen as an instructor and project manager for the Norwegian overdubbing of innumerable animated films there.

Trine’s background is as an actor – she qualified at the Norwegian National Academy of Theatre – which partly explains her remarkable feel for verbal communication. She is also great fun to talk to.

Needless to say, when it comes down to business she is committed to keeping to deadlines and ensuring that the customer is happy with the end result – a true professional!

Kristian Wauger Johansen Project Manager for Audiovisual Texts

+47 22 80 52 02
+47 481 78 525

Kristian studied technical translation for three years at Agder University College in Norway, spending his second year at the Victoria University of Manchester in England, where he read French, Dutch and German. Shortly after graduating, Kristian was signed up by Mr Samstad to become Samtext’s first permanent employee in 1996.

Kristian is fascinated by complex languages, which makes Finnish a veritable feast for his eyes and music to his ears – ears which he also likes to treat to everything from Mozart to Pink Floyd, taking in Baccara and Bach along the way. An obsessive Eurovision fan, Kristian regularly travels to competition finals with local enthusiasts. So what does Kristian read before nodding off to dream of Norway’s elusive third Eurovision victory? Why, Finnish grammar, of course.

Click here to find out about Samtext’s work with audiovisual texts.

Marco Bonassi Project Manager

+46 8 714 7997

With an academic background in law, and communication and management, Marco has overseen operations at Samtext’s Stockholm office since 2006.

We attribute Marco’s ability to keep track of more than 300 translators and copywriters, match the right person to the right job, and respect virtually impossible deadlines as well as he does to being a father of two and his Italian heritage. The lunch boxes he receives from his very Italian mother that make him the envy of every Samtext employee probably don’t hurt either!

In addition to guiding our translators and customers through complicated, and occasionally extremely urgent, projects, Marco is a fantastic painter and the one responsible for the pictures on the annual Samtext Sweden Christmas cards.

Helene Varming Key Account Manager

+47 485 96 002

Helene is something of a hybrid, having been born in Denmark but having moved to Norway at the age of eight. As a result, she feels just as home in Copenhagen as she does in Oslo – and is somewhat conflicted during international sporting events and the Eurovision Song Contest.

After completing her schooling in Norway, Helene returned to Denmark to study journalism and photography at college, but following that she re-returned to Oslo (are you following this?) to take a degree course in Media and Communication at OsloMet University. All of this, of course, means that she is ideally qualified to wear multiple hats at Samtext. As you would expect of a hybrid.

Sara Avizanda Glaria Project Manager

+47 22 80 52 04
+47 413 55 195

Sara’s notable surname is due to the fact she’s half Spanish and half Norwegian (which makes her the perfect mix for Samtext). She grew up in Norway, but attended the Universidad Europea de Madrid, where she studied Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Communication.

She is also highly skilled in customer service, having worked in hospitality, in upscale fashion in Madrid, as a multilingual tourist guide in Western and Central Norway, and as an Account Manager for the online grocery store Could anywhere be busier than the latter? Yep – Samtext. That’s why Sara applied for the job as Project Manager here – and got it.

Thomas Klausen Project Manager

+45 33 60 57 90

Thomas’s particular interests and expertise lie in strategic and written communication in the fields of politics and society, along with journalism and social media. He has a degree in English and Intercultural Market Studies, and another in Sociology and Cultural Analysis.

When off duty, Thomas plays guitar and tennis, both activities that have absorbed him since his youth in Esbjerg. He also enjoys reading – fiction, political biography and non-fiction works on society, culture, history and politics – and participating in events to do with innovation and international politics.

Kine Mikelsen Project Manager

+47 22 80 52 09



Guro Bommen Creative Director

+47 22 80 52 12
+47 936 58 544

Guro first joined us as a trainee while she was studying for her Bachelor’s degree in media and communications, but quickly proved herself so invaluable that we made sure she returned to the Samtext fold. She then took some time out from us (and Norway) in order to earn her Master’s in creative writing and publishing from Kingston University London.

Initially, Guro worked in our Oslo office as a copywriter and text consultant, and helped our corporate customers with developing their tone of voice. Now, however, she is Samtext’s creative director. While her position may have changed, she still entertains her colleagues with verbatim Friends quotations and is a master of organising office parties.

Knut-Jørgen Plesner Quality Assurance Manager

+47 22 80 52 01
+47 413 36 776

Knut-Jørgen is a Latin scholar who has studied Spanish at the University of Oslo. He has also completed specialised training as a communication officer and information secretary, as well as special study methodology courses. He has worked as an information secretary dealing with the media and authorities, and spent several years translating for non-profit-making organisations before joining Samtext in spring 2005.

Knut-Jørgen’s hobbies include long-distance skiing in the mountains or woods, preferably to the sound of a starting pistol or in good company, while poetry, literature and philosophy provide important sources of insight and enrichment. Feel free to contact him to discuss favourites such as André Bjerke, Gunvor Hofmo, Paul la Cour or Simenon’s Maigret books!

Elin Samstad Finance Manager

+47 22 80 52 11
+47 907 79 825

Elin, whose background is as an electronics engineer, has served Samtext as QA Manager, board member and now Finance Manager. She also has specialist training in study techniques and many years’ experience of teaching how to benefit most from reading.

Elin could crochet for Norway, were international tournaments in that skill held, and she is one of the few people in the country who can edit and proofread knitting patterns – quite the black art.

Trond Samstad CEO

+47 22 80 52 10
+47 906 09 946

Trond Samstad is Samtext’s CEO and the man behind the parent company in Oslo and the Group’s subsequent expansion into Sweden, Denmark, Finland and England.

Trond has completed a Norwegian Navy cryptography and officer training course, and he also studied social anthropology at the University of Oslo. He is a qualified study and communication techniques instructor, and worked as a consultant at the engineering consortium Kværner from 1989–96. He founded Samtext in 1991, where he has worked full-time since 1996.

Trond, who apparently sang constantly until he was 12, nowadays contents himself with the occasional whistle. Cross-country running, peanuts, the finest of red wines, cooking, trout fishing with Samstad Jr and science fiction keep his spirits high – as does his fascination with just how much information people can keep stored inside their heads.

Ulf Kielland-Lund Key Account Manager

+47 22 80 52 08

Ulf has a black belt in sales, communications and management. He has recruited and trained sales teams for companies in the UK, Finland, Sweden and Norway, and he is one of those rare souls who actually likes telephoning total strangers.

A relatively short time after joining us, he was presented with a certificate as the office’s most positive employee – and he has continued to be so. For Ulf, every half-empty glass is half-full, a customer complaint is a business opportunity, and selling coals to Newcastle sounds like a good prospect.

In addition to being an active glider pilot, tall and dark Ulf follows his instincts when the wilderness calls, and the outdoor life has left its mark: even the dullest of office discussions about Norwegian comma rules or translation tools is enlivened by his frequent hunting and fishing metaphors.

Karoline Krane Head of Language Services

+47 22 80 52 03
+47 997 21 776

Karoline has an MA in English from the University of Oslo, and wrote her thesis on the topic “Rendering wordplay in Norwegian subtitling: A case study of English sitcoms”. In other words, she is Our Kind of Person, and fits into our team perfectly as Samtext’s Language Services Manager, piloting translators, copywriters and proofreaders alike through the choppy waters of tricky projects.

For Karoline, travel is something of an addiction, apparently first triggered by her early career as a singing waitress and cowgirl at Disneyland Paris. These days her passion for international exploration takes her, along with her husband and children, to somewhat more exotic climates.


Kitha Svartström Administration Manager

+358 10 219 3370

Swedish-speaking Kitha has in her past studied singing and clothes design and has a degree in business administration.

She joined the Samtext Finland staff in 2003, and handles the day-to-day business of the Finnish office as calmly as only the mother of three sons can.

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