Our philosophy



A bad text is ignored. A good text is read and converts interest into action. A fantastic text converts far more and is remembered and talked about as well.

Texts can also have a powerful signal effect, for better or worse: the texts that a company produces have a direct influence on what the reader thinks of that company and its products.


We achieve our goal by putting some of the best copywriters, translators and editors in the industry on the job. We also subject every text to a rigorous and unmatched quality-assurance process.

We aim to maintain a level of professionalism that sets an example in the industry: no matter how long it takes nor how much work is involved, we will scrutinise every word of your text. No one cares more about the details than we do.

Our work is based on the principle of “exchange in abundance”: giving more than we take. We can assure our clients that what they receive will be worth more to them than the price we ask them to pay.

We will never deliver anything that contains mistakes.

We don’t just proofread texts on screen we print them out, because reading on paper makes it easier to spot errors.

In addition to the copywriter or translator checking their own work, texts are always proofread by an additional person. Always.

The text is read through again and again until it is flawless. Always. This repetitive proofreading is mandatory for everyone involved with a text, and each person works from the perspective that they are the last person who will read the text before it is published.

Translations are quality-assured by the best person available who has the target language as their mother tongue. They are then quality-assured again by the best person available who has the source language as their mother tongue.

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