Social media

Being involved in social media requires both time and creativity. Does the hunt for followers, likes and shares seem too difficult to keep up with? We’re here to help!

Social media is a relatively new text format for companies. If you don’t have your own department to take care of this, it can be tricky to know what to publish and when – and how to balance business and personal content.

The social media recipe

It is important to keep in mind that the texts that represent your company on social media must be in keeping with your established tone and simultaneously be sufficiently conversational, engaging and personal that people want to follow you and receive updates.

Appropriate texts are short, precise and have a lighter tone – something that makes them catch the reader’s eye as they scroll past. The best posts ensure that the reader stops scrolling, reads and hopefully also clicks further on to your website.

Samtext Creative writes texts that work in social media and that give your digital brand building an even greater reach.

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“Social media texts must be conversational and engaging so that people will want to follow you and receive updates.”
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