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An English to Swedish translation should be equally as eloquent as if it were originally written by a brilliant Swedish copywriter. After all, as the text will be published in your name, it is your reputation on the line!

Home of IKEA and ABBA – and Swedish translators

All our Swedish translators have Swedish as their mother tongue, and 99 per cent of them live in Sweden. This means that they can converse with local industry professionals and remain linguistically and culturally up to date.

Not just one specialist area

Every year, our office in Stockholm translates a massive volume of text into Swedish. Therefore, our translators have extremely extensive expertise. In any given month, they could be working on texts concerning law, finance, IT, cars, tourism, interior design, fashion, aquaculture and art, to name a few – and they deal with more genres, surfaces and channels than most people have even heard of. This includes videos, press releases, search engine optimised websites, blog posts and social media posts. Target audiences range from teenagers to pensioners: gamers, financial analysts, doctors, refugees, first-time mothers, tourists, estate agents, property buyers, patients, personnel managers, potential organ donors, and those whose car warranty is about to expire. All of these groups need texts that are written specifically for them.

Not just one source language

Many of the translations we provide into Swedish have English as the source language, which is definitely the largest language pair in the Swedish translation market. But we also translate a lot of texts from Norwegian, Danish, Finnish and all the other European languages, plus the occasional job from Russian, Chinese, Arabic and so on.

Four tips for ordering English to Swedish translation

1. Tell us what the text will be used for, if this is not obvious.

2. If you have any illustrations or reference materials, send those too. They make it much easier to properly understand the source text.

3. Provide a description of the target audience that is as precise as possible. This is particularly important for marketing texts. If a brochure on a new medicinal product will go out to Swedish doctors, our translators won’t use the same vocabulary as they would in a corresponding brochure for Swedish patients.

4. If your company has a glossary and linguistic guidelines for Swedish (such as tone of voice) in the form of a document, please provide this as well.

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    “… as if it were originally written by a brilliant Swedish copywriter.”
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