Using words to evoke smell, taste and atmosphere is a special art. When this is done skilfully, it surpasses all other means of promoting a tourist destination, an experience or a restaurant.

We have all felt how frustrating it can be when our descriptions of an experience fall flat compared to how it actually was. Nevertheless, when it comes to creating images in the reader’s mind with words alone, the possibilities are endless. After all, a few good words are worth a thousand pictures.

When translating aesthetic and creative texts, this ability to generate images from words is absolutely vital, as much of the emotion and mood of a text can be lost in translation. That’s why it is essential to choose the right translator – someone who has expertise and experience within the relevant field.

For example, Samtext has translators who have travelled around, and currently work in, all corners of the world. This provides a sound foundation for the construction of a living text, full of vitality and impact – even in translation.

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Crafting a creative text is both a science and an art. Samtext loves this craft and has the necessary skills to weave the right mood and associations through your text.

Send an e-mail to or ring +47 22 80 52 00 if you need a translation of a text thick with emotion!

“Crafting a creative text is both a science and an art.”
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