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Five things to consider when translating marketing into Norwegian

A perfectly translated text is no good if it doesn’t fulfil its intended purpose. Yet marketing texts often miss out on the nuanced treatment they need when it comes to translation. Here are five things you may not have considered when translating marketing from English into Norwegian and how they can be crucial to the success of your marketing.

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Covfefe: Three effective strategies for translating unclear source texts

Ever wondered how translators manage to produce a coherent translation that fulfils its purpose from an unintelligible source text? Here’s an inside look at a few strategies translators use to solve the impossible.

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A copy editor keeps your language spotless and squeaky clean

Are you a business that has or aims to have an international customer base? Do you need perfectly written English but don’t feel confident producing it? And do you feel that sitting down and producing written content is as tedious as doing your laundry? Then you need a copy editor.

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